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Before turning to Drytron, many Customers had poor experiences with other Cleaning Companies, some of which are listed here :

"Was wet for days",
"Quoted cheap but then charged for all sorts of "extras"",
"didn't want wet carpet for days",
"unhappy with service",
"Dry carpet cleaning required - not steam",
"Carpet soaking wet", "MANY reasons!",
"Damp carpets and some shrinkage",
"the carpet smelled like wet dog + had hairs on it when they were finished",
"Friend recommended Drytron",
"was not thorough with edges and under furniture"

For feedback left directly by Customers on an independent website - "Word Of Mouth On-line", go to :

Some referrals from Drytron Box Hill Customers:

"I found Darren to be most personable.  He ensured that I knew his name and he remembered mine.  He verbalised what he was doing, and why, all the way through.  He was most professional.  The carpet was badly stained (animal as well as living stains) and he did a sterling job.  I hope he gets a pay increase."

- J K Canterbury