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Effective stain removal is dependant on many factors including reaction time, carpet type / age / fibre / colour / construction, pH of stain, size of stain, type of stain, etc.

- Beware of advice from friends that product "X" worked well. The same product that worked for them may do damage in your situation - we've seen many instances of bleached or damaged carpets as a result of well-meaning advice. -

Not matter what you use on your carpet, pre-test it first in an inconspicuous area.

Time is a critical factor in treating stains, decide whether you can confidently remove it yourself.

  • If you think you can, do so immediately.
  • If you're not sure, soak up liquid stains as much as you can using soda water (or cold water otherwise) and a Drysorb sponge (or clean, dry, white die-fast towell or nappy) and cover with a damp white towell or nappy. Then immediately call Drytron. For solid/semi-solid stains, scrape up as much as possible, cover with towell and call Drytron
  • Note that these instructions are necessarily broad to cover a wide range of situations and should be taken as general guidlines fitting MOST (but not all) situations.
  • Of course, if necessary we can arrange to visit and assist (at a cost dependent on time of day, urgency and minimum service charges applicable at the time).

As mentioned, time is of the essence with troublesome stains. The products listed below are your best insurance against permanently damaged carpet. They are professional, high quality products used every day by all of our technicians. They represent very inexpensive insurance! As a minimum you should have on hand a Drysorb Sponge and a bottle of DryChem-3 general spotter.

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